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About Learning Unhindered

I’m BethAnnie Bee, a homeschooling mama of six, currently living in Indiana.

How I Got Where I Am

I was one of those kids who decided to be a teacher in the first grade. I couldn’t even decide what I wanted to teach. I loved to learn and figured I would love to teach too. Unfortunately, I became disillusioned with our public schools before I even graduated. The difference between the high ideals of education and the average classroom was way too great.

I concluded our schools were standing between our kids and learning. Political rhetoric continually shifts blame between teachers and parents; but, the current school model was never designed to produce individuals. Given the choice between homeschooling or fighting the system, I decided to stay home.

Of course, I soon realized I could easily become a problem. How could my home produce better results following the same script as the public schools? So, I began to research. In doing so, I came across Charlotte Mason and her premise that children are real people. It sounds very basic until you face its implications.

Suffer the little children to come unto me, and do not hinder them: for such is the kingdom of God. Mark 10:14 (BAV*)

This theme verse for our homeschool, took on new meaning for me. It screamed, “Get out of the way!” But it’s more than spiritual. God’s calling for my children isn’t up to me. I’m not even entitled to know what it is! God created them to learn and that should be unhindered too.

Do I still fall into old patterns? Every Single Day. But God is gradually making me better.

…And About Learning Unhindered

I founded Learning Unhindered in the spirit of blessing others. God is teaching me. This site is where I can share my lessons with the rest of the homeschool community. It’s a place to encourage and exhort fellow believers.

I also know how expensive homeschooling can be. Expensive curriculum is hard to replace, even when it’s not working. I’ve put a lot of energy into creating my own resources. Hopefully, they benefit you too.

Like me, this site is a work in progress. What resources will be available or what direction God will lead me are still very unknown. I hope you are blessed by what is here.

~BethAnnie Bee~

*BethAnnie Version: A general mix between KJV and NIV. It’s what happens when a child is involved in several memorization programs using different versions.

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